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Music : Anu Malik. Made in India, 2014 About the Channel Star Of The Month Three men, three careers and one lucky lady! Preeti is a rich Delhi based girl who is obsessed with clothes, jewelry and bright make up. She is looking for a life partner who is equally obsessed and financially stable. She is very particular about the types of men she would like to date. She takes pride in being an intelligent girl who carries herself well and has a strict moral code. She is a very nice girl, but not someone who is easily impressed. She is not into pampering or cheap love. All she wants is a man who can take good care of her and who can make her laugh. She doesnt mind if he is a lawyer or a doctor or any other profession. She thinks that a good man should be honest, sincere, trustworthy and emotionally supportive. She has a low tolerance to low life people and she wants someone who is looking for a serious relationship rather than just a one night stand. She is a city girl who enjoys the urban life, parties and clubbing. She is looking for someone who can hold up his end and contribute to her happy and hectic life. She likes to cook, party and travel. She wants someone who has a good sense of humour, is a nice person and loves kids. About the Category Love, Romance, Sex. The power of two! Our TV channel portrays the real story of a couple who share a special bond and deep love and who wants to enjoy every bit of it! Watch them experiencing the highs and lows of relationships and getting hurt by each other and learn the true meaning of love. Only true love's kiss can make a couple together! It was the darkest day of his life when he was sentenced to death. It was a moment of sheer panic when he realized that his only hope of survival was to do something reckless. He had to reach India in time to stop his execution. He traveled by a shocking and an illegal route to reach India and finally turned himself in. The Indian Government helped him to find a lawyer who could help him file for a stay of his execution. The lawyer was able to secure a stay of the execution and the prisoner was eventually acquitted. He had loved her since childhood and never gave up hope of finding her one day. He was the kind of man who never gave up and never




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Rockstar Full Movie 720p Watch Online zaidcha

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